Our hawks had 2 chicks this year. You can tell the youngster as his chest is not yet white. I had to rescue one of the chicks as he fell out of the nest – see his story below.

Up until July 21, they were both doing great until I noticed that there was only one in the nest. The nest is located in our trees and there is long grass underneath them. I went over to see if I could find the missing chick and was amazed that he was on the ground alive, well and making a fuss. There was no way we could return the chick to the nest so we brought him in, fed him over night (raw steak!), and delivered him to the Alberta Birds of Prey Foundation in Coaldale to be raised. I was very pleased to find a caring and dedicated staff and lots of chicks around the office being cared for to be released into the wild once they grow up. I sure hope “Lucky” will be one of their success stories.

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