When we moved to out new place in the country, Mitzie came with the house. She was a British Blue and our mouser. It took no time at all for her to trust us and whenever we went o out to see her, she wanted to be petted and head butted us constantly. We fixed up her living quarters for her, set up a nice little heated bed. She came over to the house and met Booboo but she showed no interest in coming in (altho she did come in during some of those cold Alberta winter days), she just wanted us to go out and pay attention to her. As she has lived her whole life outdoors, we decided not to change her lifestyle. The previous owners said she’s ‘ancient’ so I’d guess somewhere over 10 years old. As she had never been to visit the vet, we took her for her vaccinations and to be spayed.

Sept 15/10: Now that Booboo was no longer with us, Mitzie came in for more visits especially when it’s cold outside. She had her own little bed that she loved to nap in. She still had no use for Moxie and ET and hissed at them whenever she saw them in the dog run. Her favourite place was sitting on our shoulder for cuddles.

Aug 15/12: Mitzie was killed by a feral cat that was hanging around our place all summer. We will miss her very much as she was a very sweet cuddly little girl. We buried her beside Booboo. Like Booboo, we will never forget her.

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