Living on 12 acres of land in southern Alberta is a wonderful experience. Photo opportunities of wildlife are incredible. I’ve photographed 60+ different species of birds, most of which are migrating north or south, few stay around all summer and 2013 was the 1st winter we have had Redpolls all winter long feeding from our feeders. Our Great Horned Owls have been with us since we moved here in 2007 (they have 1, 2, or 3 chicks every year) and the Swainson’s Hawks have nested here since 2011. There are numerous White Tailed Deer and lots of fawns in the summer, 3 summers we had triplets. Coyotes, foxes, and even caught a cougar on my wildlife camera who had stashed a deer carcass in our trees!

During wet springs, multiple ducks nest in our ponds, frogs chirp day and night, and there are sightings of 1″ frogs and garter snakes. Gophers (Richardson Ground Squirrel) are running around from spring until they go back underground in August annoying us with their constant digging. Badgers are elusive but there dig larger holes around our property. Skunks make a nuisance of themselves digging their dens around the grain bins. We even see the odd Raccoon and Rabbit (haven’t seen a Rabbit since 2009). Winter is especially interesting with all the different animal tracks on the snow, right up to the house.

Getting photos of these fabulous creatures is pure luck most of the time, just looking outside at the right moment, then a mad dash for my camera which is always in the same place. Photos below are from 2018.

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