For those of you who are ‘cat people’ I thought I’d start sharing some photos of our cats, Moxie, ET, Boots, and Friends.
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Moxie & ET

Moxie & ET

We rescued these 2, when they were kittens, on a deserted gravel road on our way home from friends on August 4, 2008. We couldn’t just leave them there to fend for themselves (looked like they were dumped) so we gathered them up (with a bit of a chase) and brought them home. They were both pretty thin and had respiratory infections, but a visit to the vet fixed them up with the medicine that they needed. They live in our house and have access to the outside dog run (which we cat proofed) thru their cat door in the garage.

Now, they are as they should be, mischievous, cuddly and very entertaining. Over their time living with us, they have developed their own unique personalities, Moxie will try anything, she is a climber, and ET an instigator of mischief. He wants to do everything that Moxie does, especially steal everything she has, toys and food. Moxie is more of a lap cat.. while ET will sit on me when Moxie isn’t there and sometimes when she is! We sure love having them in our lives.

Sept 28/19: ET had kidney disease for a few years. He went downhill really fast the last couple of days and died last evening just after 11pm. We were with him as was Moxie. He was a wonderful little boy and we will miss him. Moxie cuddled with us all night. She knew and said goodbye her way.

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Boots found us one day and after sampling our accommodations decided to stay. He’s our ‘mouser’, lives in the quonset, has a heated bed, lots of food, water and shelter. I’m so glad he found us before all that awful cold weather we had in December and January. He’s a very timid cat, running and hiding every time we go into the quonset.

Update: We finally trapped Boots in April and I took him to the vet for his vacinations and to be neutered, and discovered he’s a male! He’s about 8 or 9 years old. He’s less timid with Waldy now as he usually feeds him. He’s getting much closer and one day soon I think Waldy will be able to touch him.

Sadly Boots passed away on Oct 23/19 quite suddenly. Visit his page for this story.
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Sept 3/19

And Friends

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In Memory of Booboo and Mitzie

Booboo was our very first cat that we adopted from the Meow Foundation in Calgary. She was a lovely Maine Coon and when we moved to southern Alberta we brought her with us. She passed away on September 16/09.
Booboo’s page
When we moved here the previous owners asked if we’d like to keep Mitzie – or course we said yes. She took hardly any time getting used to us and always loved to be held and cuddled. She was killed by a feral cat on August 15/12. We miss them very much. They were both very special.   Mitzie’s page