I’m going to group the years 2007-2013 together as I’m sure you’ve seen enough. I’ll just add my favourite ones here from those years. Some of my earlier photos are not as good as I didn’t have my 600mm lense at that time, only 300mm.

2013 – there were no babies in 2013.

2012 – our owls had 1 baby. The nest was in the hut at the back of our property.

2011 – we built a nest in one of our trees and Mamma owl sat on her eggs for nearly 4 weeks, then she abandoned them. We checked one of the eggs and it did not develop. Maybe we didn’t insulate the nest enough. So we abandoned that idea for future years.

2010 – no babies in 2010.

2009 – these 4 babies are from our neighbour. We didn’t have any.

2008 – no babies by us.

2007 – we had 1 baby but I didn’t see it much to take photos of it growning. Unfortunately it got hit by a vehicle and died.

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