It’s been awhile since I added more nature photos. I’ve been collecting them. Also been kinda busy doing other stuff on the computer and having visitors (see previous post). When we returned from Iceland, we noticed that the wasp nest around back really grew. It’s not bothering us so we’ll leave it alone until the fall. The Kingbirds have been really busy feeding their young. I’m not sure what those brown birds are on the roof but they seem to resemble starlings even tho they are a bit lighter in colour. The baby Swainson’s Hawks, went from fluffy white chicks to beautiful young juveniles and left their nest not long after our return from vacation.

Due to all the forest fires in BC, the smoke has been coming our way with the westerlies and given us a lot of red suns during sunset and during the day also as the smoke lingers in the atmosphere.  You can see the outline of the mountain at the bottom of the sun but it’s too hazy to actually see the mountains. Our 30+ temperatures have not helped either. We’ve had next to no rain in 2 months. Our gardens and lawn have suffered. The trees are already turning yellow and dropping their leaves due to thirst.

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