With the decline of the Bumble Bee and Honey, I plan to plant more flowers around the house and in my vegetable garden. I set up a Mason Bee House, hopefully they will use it. July 17 – no sign of Mason Bees using the little house. I have not been seeing many bees on our flowering plants so I arranged to get some hives from Poelman Apiaries Ltd. They arrived on August 3/18. I have already noticed a difference in our bee population.
2019: The bees come out of their hives when it’s 10C or above.. they have nothing to eat so Poleman sets up a barrel of sugar water for them to feed on. The first plants they went to were our junipers that pollinate early. Check out the bee movie here. June 4/19: There are many bees pollinating our flowers and the many dandelions.
2020: Again this year we enjoyed our many honey bees. For some reason, at the end of the season, the bees gather at the bird bath to drink.
2021: The bees were out in March looking for food, I gave them a bouquet of tulips and they went nuts over it. The bee keepers provided them with a barrel of sugar water until the dandelions bloom. They still come up to the house looking for food on warm days.
2022: Another great year for the bees. As there wasn’t much water near by, the honey bees took advantage of our bird bath.
2024: With such great weather, the bees were out early looking for food. Our bird feeder was the only place available.

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