Booboo was a petite female Maine Coon . On December 23, 1997, we got her from Street Cats Rescue Society of Alberta, now called Meow Foundation who have a program for fostering stray and lost cats. The vet figured she was about 2 1/2 then.

We had to say goodbye to Booboo on Sept 16, 2009. She had been ill for quite some time and her latest ailment was tumors in her mouth that started to bleed. Her quaility of life wasn’t good anymore and so we had to make the hard decision to put her at rest. Booboo was our 1st cat and a very special one .. she had many adventures with us: traveled to Germany, many camping trips and just plain fun in her back yard. There was a time when she wanted to sleep on my pillow, under the blanket, cuddled in our arms, then she used to run around after any old thing – she was more fond of cardboard boxes than cat toys. She loved to eat grass, then throw up on the rug. She was a head butter and lap cat. In the morning she’d gently paw our faces to wake us up and if we didn’t respond, the claws would come out. Or she’d lick Waldy’s eyebrows and mustache. I remember the time we accidently locked her in a closet and she never complained.. just meowed at us when we let her out as if to say “it’s about time”. She loved to explore small spaces and when we were renovating our new place, she got into the cold air duct.. luckily we noticed in time and called her to come out. Lots and lots of memories…

We found a very special place under the trees where we can visit her. Goodbye Little Booboo, we will miss you and never forget you.

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