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April 19/17. Today I trapped Boots, and took him to the vet to be neutered and vaccinated. I was very surprised to find out he is a BOY (good thing I gave him a neutral name!) which was good for him as he was only at the vet for a couple of hours. When we let him out of the kennel he was all over the little room. The Vet had to inject him up on the window sill to put him to sleep. Boots appears to be around 8 or 9 years old. The Vet said he might calm down and be more friendly now that he’s neutered.

March: Now that the weather is improving, Boots is wandering around more.
May: The b/w photos are from the wildlife camera inside the quonset. Notice the skunk!!
August: Boots is getting much braver with Waldy as he gives him lots of treats. One day soon, maybe Waldy will get to pet him.

Boots is still with us but still afraid of humans. I often see him wandering around the house and once he came over to the ‘cat run’ to check out Moxie and ET. Moxie wasn’t too pleased! I managed to get Boots to trust me feeding him every evening when Waldy was away – he doesn’t run away from me now.

Boots really enjoys making his walks around our property. He’s used to us now and doesn’t run away anymore when he sees us outside. His tongue is always sticking out now – looks like he may have lost some teeth. He still eats okay so I won’t take him to the vet just yet. Too traumatic for him. We finally installed a cat door for Boots. Didn’t take him long to figure it out. Hopefully his wildlife friends won’t!!

Nov 24, 2019
On Nov 22, Boots suddenly did not want to eat, nor was he very active. On Nov 23, in the morning, he did not run away when we went into the quonset. He was sitting in front of his bed, then went into it. As the day wore on he did go outside but we coaxed him back into the quonset (it was cold). He was very wobbly on his feet. Later on, Waldy found him lying on the floor so he made him comfortable and covered him with a blanket. At bedtime, he looked in on him once more, Boots lifted his head as if to say goodbye, then passed not long afterwards. It goes without saying that we are very upset at loosing yet another one of our beloved cats. Boots was with us for 3 years. We don’t know what happened to him as this came on very suddenly. We buried him today.

These photos of Boots were taken with our wildlife camera and telescope. I have photos up to date but they are all basically the same I’ll not add any more.

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