Yesterday they opened highways 5 & 6 that goes through Waterton Park, so today I went for a drive with my camera and dash cam. What I could see from the road was mostly grass, shrubs, and ash trees that had burned. I won’t be able to see the actual tree devastation until they open the park access to the townsite for public access. I was very surprised to see a lot of green islands within the burned areas. As I was driving north on highway 6 towards Pincher Creek, I noticed there was more burned areas on the east side of the highway. It jumped over close to the park gates and went north from there.The west side did not have as much damage right along the highway. Next spring most of this will have new growth and signs of a fire will be minimal.

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Movies taken with my dash cam.
Going west along Hwg 5 just inside park boundry.

 Going south along Hwg 6 towards Waterton Park.