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January 1/22: We still see mama owl huddled up in the trees trying to keep warm. Haven’t heard the young one in awhile so he might be gone. We heard from the Birds of Prey on the next nice warm sunny day they will be bringing our injured owl from 2019 back to our area to release.
August 17: No change.. mama sure is busy killing critters to feed her youngsters.
July 19:
We still enjoy watching our comical owlets. Unfortunately they ate our killdeer parents that were nesting in front of our house. First 1, then a few days later, the other.
June 24:
Our owlets are spending a lot of time exploring our property. I was amazed to see them sitting on the swing just outside our bedroom window!
May 27-June 4:
The owlets left the nest during this time and are playfully following their parents around in our trees. It’s a challenge to find them every day. (all photos taken with camera)
May 12-24: As the owlets get bigger, we have seen more activity. We have seen one of the owlets branching. Finally on May 24th I was able to get a decent photo with my camera.
May 11: It is such a joy to watch the little chicks growing up. Both parents are busy hunting to feed them. They are growing fast. Mum is often sitting beside the nest. I ordered a device to hook up my camera to the telescope, then it will be easier to get photos – they’ll probably have fledged by the time it comes!
April 14: We have set up our telescope so we can watch mamma owl sitting on her nest. If you look closely at the March 24th photo, you can see her right in the middle of the photo. She’s using a different nest this year. Last evening we heard her mate tooting on the areal on top of our house.
January 26-March 11: Another year and our parent Great Horned owls are busy mating. We keep watching but have not found her in a nest yet. So far, every evening we see them both flying around together. During they day, they often cuddle up together. I took the round photo thru our telescope using my cell phone.