More of our summer birds are here, my garden is planted, perennials are in bloom (I wish they’d bloom all summer), we’ve had hot days (29 and 31), and I’m busy doing outside work which I much prefer to inside work. 🙂

The Eastern Kingbird posed nicely for me to photograph. The Yellow Warbler is not so cooperative, hardly staying still long enough. The Tree Swallows are nesting in my 3 nesting boxes and the Robins are in the trees and bushes.

Aren’t those geraniums a pretty colour? Are you wondering why I put flowers in the green house? To attract bees. At the back of the garden inside the fence are raspberry bushes and outside behind the fence are Saskatoon bushes. We transplanted them out of the garden last fall and they seem to be doing okay. Some have flowers, hopefully the leaves will come next. This is the best time for the perennial garden as most are now in bloom. I added some bushes this year to get more colour once the flowers are done. I now have 2 rose bushes, one orange and one yellow which will bloom in July and August.

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