As usual, lots of wildlife activity on our 12 acres. The birds are starting to migrate south. Summer is basically over with cooler temperatures. We had a very hot summer and quite dry – plants suffered even tho we watered every 2 days. Hector, our Marmot decided to hibernate under the juniper bush, under the living room window.  He won that one. Sadly our 2 owlets died. Waldy found their bodies under the north trees. We think they died of avian flu as there was no apparent injuries. There is one Swainson’s Hawk chick. He’s quite vocal when we are out and about. The honey bees really took advantage of the water in the bird bath, sometimes we filled it 7 or 8 times a day. There were some spectacular red sunsets/sunrises the week we had quite a bit of smoke from the wildfires in the mountains.

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