As in previous years, our 2 adult Great Horned Owls are still with us. We catch occasional sightings of them sunning themselves during the day.
Feb 16: We notice our Great Horned Owl on the same nest as last year.
April 12: We finally saw 1 chick. The little white fluff just on her right side.
April 17: There are 3 chicks that are already large. Mum was hiding them well during the cold weather.
May 3: 2 days ago our chicks started branching (leaving the nest for short periods of time). To tell the difference between adult and chicks, the chicks don’t have ear tufts yet.
May 12: You can view a movie of our 3 chicks by clicking here.
May 18: One of our chicks got tangled in the barb wire fence. We rescued him then took him to Coaldale Birds of Prey to patch up. They all started flying on May 15th.
May 22: Another movie with Mum feeding her youngsters – click here.
August 24 – We often still see our 2 youngsters and one of the adults especially in the evening and early morning. Our injured chick is doing very well in Coaldale.

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