Since my last posting on May 3, I have had ample opportunity to photograph more wildlife, especially birds. I am amazed at how many song birds have migrated through our property this spring. Many are still here. The Ducks are enjoying our 3 spring lakes; 2 Geese thought about nesting on our refuge pile but changed their minds; and the Owlettes started flying on May 15th. We had to rescue one that got tangled in a barb wire fence. We took him to the Birds of Prey Foundation in Coaldale. He’ll be there till 2021 to mend. Click here to view their special page. (I didn’t have time to set up the tripod for the movie below to stabilize it.) The Goldfinches finally arrived, more than last spring. My sister sent me the photo of Black-throated Blue Warbler from Ontario.

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Mum feeding her chicks.

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