What is it about Waldy and I always rescuing cats??? Waldy was at work the other day and he heard a noise underneath the steps at the office. Lo and behold, there was a cute little black kitten stuck under there. He got her out, then called me to come and get her. What was I going to do with another cat??!! After a very noisy ride home (she’s quite vocal), I set her up in the hot tub room. As soon as I took her out of the box, she was purring away and very cuddly. What a sweetheart. The next day I called the animal rescue people in Cardston and one of their foster folks took her in. She has about 8 cats and they all came over to the cage to check her out. Janice also has a day care so the children also came to investigate. I called this morning and little ‘Tinkerbell’ (that’s what the kids named her) has quite the attitude. Vocal and hisses as some of the bigger cats as if she’s the boss!

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