When I checked the owl nest this morning it was empty so I looked around and found one of the owlets in a tree at the back – so they are flying. Mother was close by. I didn’t find the 2nd one. We have a couple of Gray Catbirds (which are a rare siting) and the Swainson’s Trush are passing through. It’s comical to watch the male ducks – they all hang out together while their mates are nesting. There is a duck nest in the raspberry bushes with 11 eggs in it (no photo). I was working there and scared the mother. I hope she went back to the nest. Oh and we also have a skunk hanging about! My friend Barry sent me the Robin’s nest with the 4 beautiful blue eggs – it’s in the light fixture above his garage door. The moon shot is also on my Season’s page. I actually got up at 6am to take that photo!

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