Today is the first day in ages that we have seen the mountains from our place and low and behold after yesterday’s rain, the mountains got SNOW. There are still wildfires so the smoke will come back. There was an evacuation alert in Waterton due to a wildfire along Boundary Creek in Glacier Park, Montana which is about 5km south of Waterton townsite. The alert has been lifted for now due to the 20mm of rain they got but the fire is not out. Our Swainson’s Hawk chick left the nest on August 14 and unfortunately was killed by a vehicle 5 days later. I’m surprised the hawks keep coming back here to nest when they loose their chicks every year to road kill. We are starting to see lots of song birds on their migration south, especially Warblers. (I will post the name of the caterpillar if/when I receive a response from the Bug Guide people.)

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