Perfect rainy day to post a post. Haven’t had enough of those. Our Marmot disappeared one day – did he/she look for a mate, in the den with young ones, or was he/she someone’s supper? Didn’t know they climb trees. Have you ever seen a goose in a tree? We’ve seen lots of birds passing through migrating north, some stay a little while, some I only see once. There was a lot more Goldfinches – glad to see that as there haven’t been many these past few years. Happy to report our 2 owlets are doing great and keep us entertained. Deer pass through often, just waiting for young ones. Not having spring lakes this year, they often empty the bird bath at night. Also no ducks. The honey bees have taken it over during the day when they are out and about. Noticed the Brewers Blackbird nest on the ground but a few days later the eggs were gone (not hatched).

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