This being spring (actually had rain over night rather than snow) we are seeing lots of birds migrating. More deer are also coming around. Our Great Horned Owls hatched 2 chicks. They are not in a good spot to photograph but we are able to watch them through the telescope. Our spring lakes are smaller but there have been some ducks stopping by.The Red Tail Hawks started to rebuild their nest from last year but I think changed their mind as they never finished it. The Robins were not pleased with the snow. The “Pink” full moon was pretty spectacular. Our perennials are doing very well so far. The Hutterites have started seeding. Once again, the Killdeer decided to nest on our laneway. The bees are really happy to finally have some dandelions to feast on. And our guard cat, Moxie, is lying on the coffee table watching out for wildlife!!

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