Easter is soon upon us. It will be quite a different celebration this year, no church services (unless you watch online or on tv), and no Easter dinner with family and/or friends. Make the best of your individual situations and always look on the bright side. We and our families are healthy as I hope you and yours are as well.

I’ve had ample opportunity to take wildlife photos. Another new species (only 1 bird) has graced us with his presence – a Varied Thrush. He’s been here since March 29, I see him every morning on the bird feeder (his own page). We have gone on some great walks around our property. Only meet gophers and the odd mouse. Sometimes we’ll see deer or coyotes, and lots for birds, especially geese, ducks, and swans migrating. As the snow has been melting, the spring lakes have grown considerably. We just about get rid of all the snow, then it snows again! We are expecting more Easter weekend.

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View of our property look west from across Hwg 501