March 17 to April 19: These past weeks the birds have been really busy. Just noticed 2 Red-Tailed Hawks building a nest (a long way from the owls). We had a rare visit from a Cooper’s Hawk feasting on a Gopher (Columbia Ground Squirrel). Our lone Varied Thrush is still here (since March 29th). We have lots of Junco‘s taking advantage of our feeders and the poor Robins were a bit cold due to our latest snow storm. I’ve never seen one on a bird feeder before or snoozing. We also got a rare sighting of a flock of Gray-crowned Rosy Finches, that also feasted on the bird feeder for a couple of hours, then continued on their way. The Bald Eagle was eating on a gopher really close to our house. We don’t care for Magpies but they are beautiful birds. Oh, and our Great Horned Owls have 3 chicks!! They were hiding underneath Mum so are pretty large already. First chance I got to take such a closeup of a Yellow Headed Blackbird (him and his Red Winged Blackbirds pals found the feeder during yet another snow storm). We always seem to have a couple of Eurasian Collared Doves around. Finally the snow is disappearing and some green grass and perennials are peeking up.

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