It’s been a really busy summer and autumn. No time to add a new blog. We’ve seen a lot of wildlife and birds. Sadly we lost one of our adult Great Horned Owls a few days ago. She/he just fell out of a tree. We think it was old age. Our Marmot, Hector, hibernated again under our living room window. He went down very early this year, in August. There has been more visits from the Rufus Hummingbird this past summer. About a week ago 50+ Grouse showed up and we’ve seen them every day. And we saw a Robin on October 28! Another rare sighting yesterday was a Golden-crowned Kinglet. He got stuck on our window screen but we rescued him. We noticed that the birds are migrating later this autumn, I think the warm weather we had confused them. We saw ‘No Tail’ (the deer that lost her tail) in the fall. Her fawn is still with her. There has been some interesting moon views and quite a few northern lights (not a great photo). And of course my favourite mountain, Chief.

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