kayak movie

We had a great Canada Day. Went kayaking down the St. Mary River with our friends. Pretty fast and lots of large rocks to avoid. I got caught up on 2 of them but manage to get myself going back in the right direction without tipping over. We got wet right away due to a small water fall – no avoiding that one. If you want to view the photos click here. George is taking the movie. That’s Waldy and I up ahead.

Our Swainson’s Hawks have 3 little ones. We also had another Marmot but he put himself into the trap (we had not set it up for him to go in) so we relocated him as he was causing havock in the quonset. The Killdeer is still nesting on our lane way. She’s used to us walking around her now.

Waldy celebrated his birthday. We had company over and had lots of laughs as usual. I took the photo after he blew out the candles, da….