We decided a great way to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday was to hike up to Vimy Peak. This was the only hike we had not done in Waterton Park. We kayaked over from Camp Columbus, not wanting to hike the 6.5km in from the Chief Mountain highway. We had to bushwack a little way to get to the trail. That was fun…. The hike up was 5.8km, not far but a 900m elevation gain. I managed 11.4km total. Leona, George and I were too worn out to make it all the way up to the peak but Waldy  (I gave him my camera) and Barry did, and the views were spectacular as you see from the photos. (These photos were taken with my little Nikon Coolpix as I didn’t want to carry my heavier SLR. I’m quite pleased with the results.) I did manage to get high enough to see some fabulous views. This was a really grueling hike for us and we questioned our sanity but now we can laugh about it as it’s done! Another item off my bucket list! Click here to see all our photos.

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