I’ve taken a lot of photos since my last post. Lots of interesting activities and different birds. Our Red Tail Hawk chicks (2) are growing fast, the Great Horned Owl chicks keep us constantly entertained and always up to mischief moving stuff around that they’ve played with. The Swanson’s Hawks chicks are probably hatched but we’ve not seen them yet (the nest is deep). We watched a White Tail doe deliver twins but we’ve not seen one with twins so we suspect one died. They were so tiny. Oh and our Moxie enjoyed some outside time under the umbrella!! Just had to share that one. Two new species: Western Wood-Pewee and Least Flycatcher. The Ferruginous Hawks are nesting by the Milk River a few km east of us. The Cedar Waxwing is from my sister in Wellington, Ontario. The Osprey is from George by St. Mary Reservoir.

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